Thursday, 29 July 2010

Kick Off on indefinite time-out

Kick Off together with its’ characters Krille, Andreas, Jenny, Meja and Chiko bid farewell to our wonderful fans and readers on indefinite time. It it with a heavy heart that we have to announce B. Wahlstr√∂ms’ decision to discontinue publishing our manga series.

We feel terribly sorry for all our fans and readers who have been waiting most patiently. You have shown us such understanding and support throughout the project we have only been able to dream about.

Working with Kick Off has been one of the most fantastic experience we have had. Our editor at B. Wahlstr√∂ms has been lovely to work with and we have learned a lot. If someone told us two years ago that Kick Off would be adapted as a puppet show on Stockholm City Theater we wouldn’t have believed them! Or if they told us that it would be voted two years in a row as “Best comic” in national Bokjuryn!

During the time we worked with this series we were sometimes surprised how our attachment to our characters have we have grown. From the start they were only was some figures on paper and tools for telling a story, but gradually grew and they became characters with a place in our hearts. We feel like proud parents every time our readers tell us which character they like the best, or how annoyed they get whenever Juan successes making fun of Krille. We are so happy that Kick Off has given us the chance to get to know you!

Even though this news arrives as a small dark thundercloud, we still hope that this is not the end of Kick Off. We’ll try to find other ways to make the series live on. In the meantime, we will keep challenging ourselves and try to bring you new interesting projects.

We hope this is not a final farewell, but a break before a hearty return of Krille, Andreas, Jenny, Meja and Chiko.

So please keep surfing to our website and support us! If you want to be sure to not miss out any of our news you can join our Facebook page.


– Yosh, Kajfa, Soya & DoraJen


Many of you have asked how you could get a hold of the Kick Off theme song. We don’t want to make it downloadable due to our respect of its’ fantastic creator Jonas. But you can listen to it as much as you want here. Enjoy. :)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Yokaj Podcast takes an indefinite break

Yokaj Podcast has decided to take a break after nine episodes. We would like to thank you for following and listening to us. We hope you have enjoyed it and appreciated our guest interviews with √Ąsa Ekstr√∂m, Fredrik Str√∂mberg och Daniel Gustavsson. We still have a couple of prerecorded interviews waiting, and we hope we will be able to run them for you in the future.

Later then!

Yokaj Podcast
Listen to episodes from season 1 (Swedish only)

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Kick Off awarded “Best comic” again!

HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! For the second consecutive year in a row Yokaj Studio’s manga series Kick Off has been awarded “Best comic” in national book voting Bokjuryn 2009. We would like to thank all our fans and readers for your support and for voting us all the way to the top!

This time the award ceremony was held in Ume√•, in northern Sweden. We were of course there to receive our award! The photo above shows the award ceremony hall getting filled up with kids and teens.√ā¬†

The spirit was really high! The kids were rooting for their favourite books to win. The kids and teens invited are a hundreth of all the kids and teens who have participated and voted in Bokjuryn. This time the jury had 29 000 participant.

Aw! We found this cute note on our seats saying “Reserved for winner”.

Yay! Host Tobias Morin called us to the stage as winners of the “Best comic” category. Click here to see the√ā¬† complete list of Bokjury winners.

This is how happy we looked like when we received our flowers, diploma and applaus from the audience!

After the award ceremony the kids and teens got a chance to meet the winning authors and illustrators to get autographs. We were signing to thousands of kids (at least if felt like that) during an hectic hour. It was the most hysterical signing we have ever done!

After signing we did more signing at the Umeå Library.

Some happy girls who got their cards signed with a doodle of them.

We were interviewed by the library for their website.

Happy Yokaj girls leaving the library! Just as last time we wanted to do some sight seeing before taking our flight home.√ā¬†

We literally found the heart of Ume√•!√ā¬†

We would like to thank all our wonderful readers and fans, everyone who voted for us, Bokjuryn and Umeå for this wonderful day! We would also like to thank our publisher B. Wahlströms who made our work with Kick Off possible. We hope that you will keep supporting us for a long time! Hungs and kisses to you all!

See more photos from the award ceremony at our Facebook page!

Watch Yokaj on national television SVT’s reportage of Bokjuryn

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