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Yokaj Podcast has decided to take a break after nine episodes. We would like to thank you for following and listening to us. We hope you have enjoyed it and appreciated our guest interviews with Åsa Ekström, Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Gustavsson. We still have a couple of prerecorded interviews waiting, and we hope we will be able to run them for you in the future.

Later then!

Yokaj Podcast 2010-04-30

Language: Swedish

Season 1 Episod 9: Monthly special with Daniel Gustavsson

Featured guest is librarian Daniel Gustavsson who also has a blog called Mangabibliotekarien. Daniel has been a driving force introducing manga to libraries in Gävle. Kids today are used to libraries arranging workshops and being a place to hang out, but that wasn't always the case.

Music: Soap Bubbles Memorial by Nim

Yokaj Podcast gives you an update of what's happening in Sweden's most successful manga studio. As a great bonus to our listeners we interview an interesting or active personin Manga Sweden.

Our guest could be a representative of an organisation or company in Manga Sweden, or a fellow manga artist, bookstores , manga journalists and many more. We give you and insight to Swedish manga! So far, most of the podcasts are recorded in Swedish. But that might change in the future.

Festured guests so far:
Daniel Gustavsson - librarian and blog writer (season1 episode9)
Fredrik StrömbergFredrik Strömberg - comics journalist and writer (season1 episode8)
Åsa Ekström - mangatecknare (season1 episode5)

Latest update: 29 July 2010