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About Sumo

Sumo was originally created as an school assignment in the theme ''modernistic game''. Sumo is a modernistic fighting game based on finger wrestling. The first version of Sumo was made with the program Gamemaker and simple graphic. The game received good reviews at school and Yokaj Studio decided to compete in Swedish Game Awards with Sumo. Two weeks before the competitions deadline, they started rebuilding the game in Java. Even though all the members of the studio are artists they succeded making a functional game. The reward came when Sumo won the ''Best game concept'' cathegory in Swedish Game Awards 2006,

Since then Yokaj Studio has been invited to different events to host Sumo and to spread it to new players. When the interest for the game started to grow players want to be able to play Sumo at home or at parties with friends. At that time, Sumo was downloadable at Yokaj Studio's homepage, but many players found the java version troublesome to install. As a natural step in Sumo development Sumo has become of what it is today, a Flash game with new graphics and its own music. Now everyone can easily access and play Sumo at home with friends!

Creators of Sumo

The creators of Sumo, Yokaj Studio, are known as Sweden's most successful manga studio. They make games as a hobby. Except for Sumo, the studio has received international and national awards for their manga. They have several published books and the members travel around Sweden to teach kids and teens how to draw manga. The members of Yokaj Studio are Kajfa, Yosh, Soya and DoraJen.

Kajfa, who has the biggest passion for games of the four, was naturally the one who came up with the idea to Sumo. Together with his girlfriend Yosh they build the game in java. At the Swedish game festival, an event to which Yokaj Studio was invited to host Sumo, they met young Flash programmer Lucas Durol. Lucas who was charmed by Sumo offered the studio his help to make Sumo into a Flash game. After that Sumo has freschened up with new graphics and its own music composed and made by Nim, a friend of the studio!

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