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Want us to host Sumo?

From time to time we are asked to host Sumo at different events. Below is a list of events we have participated in. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having us host Sumo, or Sumo hosted in other ways!


That's why we travel around to host Sumo at different events. Some of the reasons of Sumo's popularity is that everybody, no matter how old or how young they are, can play Sumo. And you have to play it together with a friend, lover or someone you just got to know, because Sumo is a two player game. Sumo is a lot about physical contact with your opponent, a little pushing, tickling and hugging makes anyone happy! That's why Sumo is such an appriciated party game. Take a look in our video or photo sections to see some happy Sumo players we have met!

 Upcoming Sumo events


Spela roll (Sweden) [link]
Spela roll is the first computer game exhibition in Sweden. The exhibition is held in Linköping, and will move to Stockholm later this fall. During the whole exihibition time, visitors will be able to play Sumo among other Swedish games.

Spelfest (Sweden) [link]
The Swedish game festival is back. After last years succes, the festival has again invited Yokaj Studio to host Sumo.

 Past Sumo events


UppCon (Sweden) [link]
Yokaj Studio attended to the biggest manga convention in Sweden.

Swedish Game Awards (Sweden) [link]
SGA invited Yokaj Studio to display Sumo at this year's competition.

Riksmötet (Sweden)
Riksmötet, a Swedish company fair, invited us to host our game at their event.

PenCon (Sweden)
Yokaj Studio was asked to participate in the manga convention PenCon.


Spelfest (Sweden) [link]
Swedish computer game institute arranged the first game festival in Sweden, Spelfest. Yokaj Studio were invited to host Sumo at the festival.

Kick off at Zkillz (Sweden) [link]
We were asked to host Sumo at the lan café Zkillz when Swedish Game Awards had their kick off of the year.

Swedish Game Awards (Sweden) [link]
Yokaj Studio attended to SGA to host Sumo as finalists of the competition, at which Sumo was announced the winner of "Best game concept" cathegory.