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Welcome to the official Sumo game site!

Sumo is an award winning independent game made by the Swedish manga studio Yokaj Studio. The greatness in Sumo, except for the brilliant and almost ridiculous simplicity in game design, is the joy it brings to the players! Whether you want it or not, Sumo has a tenency to draw something wild and creative out of its players. And the spectactors are having loads of fun as well!

Ever since winning one of the cathegories in Swedish Game Awards Yokaj Studio has been travelling around Sweden spreading joy and happiness with Sumo. The studio has been invited to host Sumo at events such as game fesivals, manga conventions and much more. Feel free to contact us if you want Sumo at your event!

We want to share Sumo with you, and that means SUMO IS FREE! You can play Sumo whenever you want to, at home with your family or at parties with friends. Just click PLAY SUMO on the menu above to start the game. Enjoy!

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Winner of Best Game Concept Award at Swedish Game Awards 2006

"A game bigger than the medium. It's literally 'out-of-the-box' by letting the fight take place outside the computer."